I have always been drawn to a photographic ideal that favors authenticity and a commitment to revealing the charm of the familiar. In my youth I was classically trained as an artist at The Pennsylvanis Academy of Fine Arts in Philadelphia. Imbued with a love of the Renaissance vision of mother and child, I later updated this ideal through photography.

The fleeting charms of infancy and the radiance of childhood have been a continuous source of inspiration for BABY and CHILD. And I dearly loved photographing the tenderness of the breastfeeding relationship in NURSLINGS, the flourshing grandiosity of the pregnant women in MATERNITY and the playful dynamics in FAMILY.

NEIGHBORHOOD GODDESS is a tribute to everyday beauties in my downtown New York neighborhood in the1980's, newly arrived from afar to realize their dreams.

A piviotal influence in my life and work was my mentor and mate Stephen Salmieri, himself a well respected master photographer. His unique personality and astonishing good looks found expression in PORTRAIT OF AN ARTIST created over our lifetime journey together.

For twenty five years I never left home without my 35mm camera, in pursuit of the heart icon that I sought in every way possible.The universally recognized symblol of love and good will that speaks for our entire human family is my inspiration for HEART ODYSSEY and HEARTS & LOVE in NEW YORK CITY